1600MM SMS non woven fabric production line

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This equipment is suitable for the production of spunbond nonwovens with a variety of colors and different properties using PP chips as main material mixed with master batch, anti-oxygen, anti-pilling agent and flame retardant. This machine can produce four-layer SMS nonwovens as well as two-layer SS nonwovens.

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2 Process flow

Additive (recycle edge)

Material→melting and extruding→filtering→metering→spinning→quenching→air-flow drawing
Material→melting and extruding→filtering→metering→spinning→hot air drawing→cooling→
web forming→calendering
Material→melting and extruding→filtering→metering→spinning→quenching→air-flow drawing
→winding and slitting

1600MM SMS non woven fabric production line
1600MM SMS non woven fabric production line

A. Main Equipment for Spunbond Section
1. Material hopper, 2sets
2. Suction, dosing and mixing device, 2sets
3. Extruder, 2sets
4. Spinning machine(spinneret from ENKA Germany), 2sets
5. Quenching and drawing system,2sets
6. Edge recycle extruder, 2sets
7. Web former,  1set
8. Winder (GUANGYU ), 1set
9. Slitter ( GUANGYU ), 1set
10. Steel frame for main machine, 1set
11. Electrical control system, 1set

B. Main Equipment for Meltblown Section
1. Storage hopper, 1set
2. Suction, dosing and mixing device, 1set
3. Extruder, 1set
4. Melt manifold, 1set
5. Die body (including spin pack), 1set
6. Electric (hot air) heating device, 1set
7. Roci fan blower(95m3/min; 0.12Mpa), 1set
8. Movable steel frame, 1set
9. Electrical control system, 1 set
Shaoyang will supply the cables from electrical control cabinet to main machine, Kurt Kumas will supply the cable tray and bridge.

C. Auxiliary Equipment
1. Pack oven, 1set
2. Pack ultrasonic cleaning machine, 1set
3. Lift for spin pack, 2 sets
4. Assembly and disassembly device for spin pack, 2 sets
5. Physical and chemical inspection device(test devices for denier control, water permability , strength control devices ), 1 set
6. Knife for cleaning the surface of spinning pack,  4 pcs
7. Torque spanner(60-300N.m), 2 sets

D. Utility Equipment
1. Chiller, 1 set
2. Cooling tower for air-conditione, 1 set
3. Cooling tower for others, 1 set
Air-conditioner, 2 sets
Suction blower, 3 sets
Cooling pump, 2 sets
Chilling pump, 4 sets
8. Compressed air system, 1 set
9. Oil heater (75Kw), 1 set

1600MM SMS non woven fabric production line
1600MM SMS non woven fabric production line

Flow char

3) Basic parameter:

model no 1600MM SMS 3200MM  SMS
Capacity 9-11 T/ DAY 12-17T/DAY
Voltage 240V OR 415V/50HZ 240VOR 415V/50HZ
Installed power 1000 kw 1800kw
Running power 600 kw 1000 kw
effective width 1600MM 3200MM
Motor Siemens Siemens
PLC Siemens Siemens
Drive Japan Japan

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